I am a PhD Student at the Department of Theoretical Physics in the University of Oxford. I graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2018. My experience through Rolls-Royce PLC, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and CEA Cadarache has led me to pursue a career in plasma physics.

I have many interests in Humanities as well. Ask me!

Research Media

Conveying information in a simple and intuitive manner can be a challenge in our field. I have archived some the documents I have employed over the last few years here. Feel free to use them as you see fit.

Tokamak Magnetic Geometry

Educational Supersonic Ramjet

Recommended Readings

It is never easy to tackle a new subject for the first time. A well thought list of references is always useful.

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Mario Merino, Javier Maurino, Eduardo Ahedo. "Kinetic electron model for plasma thruster plumes", Plasma Sources Science and Technology 27, 035013 (2018). DOI

Conference Papers

Mario Merino, Javier Maurino, Eduardo Ahedo. "Direct-Vlasov Study of Electron Cooling Mechanisms in Paraxial, Unmagnetized Plasma Thruster Plumes", 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference, IEPC-2017-104 (2017). PDF


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